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metal_in_color's Journal

Metal In Color
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All Members , Moderated

This community is under construction. But, it is moderated by shinku.

In a nutshell, metal_in_color is for those who are in love with metal music, but simply do not go all out with the "scene". We don't dress in all black, deck ourselves out with black lipstick to try and fit into the label of goth, punk, poser, or what ever else might be out there. We like a little color in our lives. A little diversity. We're just us, fitting under no label what so ever.

Now, understand we're not trying to make fun of anyone, or put anyone down. Wearing some or a lot of black is fine (I wear a lot), so don't flame us please. Everyone is entitled to look the way they want, and do what they want. We didn't mean that you literally had to wear all kinds of color to join this community. We mean style AND personality. We love colorful personalities.

[1] Absolutely no flaming, insulting, or anything rude. I will ban you, I promise. If you are not diverse or open minded, you are not welcome.

[2] Please place any pictures under an LJ cut. We'd love to see them, but we would prefer them not to hinder the loading time on our friends pages.

[3] If you'd like to advertise another community, please ask me first. Most of the time I will let you, but we need members for THIS community, not other ones.

[4] Once you join the community, please fill out an introduction form. EVERYONE is accepted, we'd just like to know a little more about you.

After you join, please fill this out and post it under and LJ cut.

- Name:
- Nicknames:
- Age:
- Location:
- Gender:

- Five Favorite Bands:
- Five Favorite Movies:
- Five Favorite Books:
- Favorite Animal:
- Favorite Hobby:
- Favorite Instrument:

- Interesting Facts:
- What Would You Be For One Day?:
- What Countries Would You Like To Visit?:

- Promote This Community Somewhere:

- Post At Least One Picture Of Yourself: (If you don't have one, that's fine.)

Use these banners to promote the community. If you have one you'd like to contribute, then please upload it to your own server and post it in the community itself. I'll post it here.

Made by shinku.