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[May. 18th, 2005|01:30 am]
Metal In Color



I think this is absolutely ridiculous.

In one of the most unusual summer-tour pairings in recent memory, the Ozzfest Web site announced Monday night that there will be one final act added to this year's second-stage lineup: actress Jada Pinkett Smith's rock group, WICKED WISDOM.

The addition of the Christian-leaning rock-and-soul hybrid to a summer touring package that boasts ferocious metal merchants like BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, SHADOWS FALL, MUDVAYNE, IN FLAMES and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER is unexpected, to say the least.

WICKED WISDOM is an EVANESCENSE-esque act that Pinkett Smith, the band's frontperson and the wife of actor/rapper Will Smith, has said is influenced by ANI DIFRANCO, PRINCE, TORI AMOS and SEVENDUST. The group also includes a guy named Pocket on guitar, another fellow named Rio on bass, keyboardist Cameron Graves and drummer Satnam Ramgotra. This summer's Ozzfest stint will mark WICKED WISDOM's first North American tour: The group primarily performs club gigs in and around Los Angeles, although it has opened for PAPA ROACH and was the support act for BRITNEY SPEARS' 2004 European tour.


From: manwall
2005-05-18 06:09 am (UTC)

One more reason to hate Ozzfest.
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[User Picture]From: mcalavetta84
2005-05-18 11:03 am (UTC)
That pisses me off. They should have stuck a better band there. At least they have Black Sabbath, Mudvayne, and Arch Enemy there. I still can't wait for that tour.
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[User Picture]From: bassdv8
2005-05-18 04:55 pm (UTC)
Everyone should flood the stage, rape her and beat the shit out of her band.
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[User Picture]From: x0_tool_0x
2005-05-22 11:55 pm (UTC)


Can anyone actually think about how they will sound???? ANI DIFRANCO, PRINCE, TORI AMOS and SEVENDUST, what a fucking weird combo....and its Jada Pinkett, come on, thats weird in its-self!!
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